Michael climbing at Stone Mountain, NC

About me

I am from the mountains of Virginia, from a college town named Harrisonburg. I grew up spending my time either skiing in the winter or swimming in the summer. I went to college in my hometown, at James Madison University, and went from there to Japan for a year to teach math and science at an English speaking high school. From there I started my academic career as a PhD student at Duke University. The rest you can see from my CV.

In a past life, I was an avid rock climber. I particularly enjoyed multi-pitch traditional climbing, and you can see a picture of me climbing at Stone Mountain in North Carolina. I still climb occasionally, but my primary way to get out of the office and get moving these days is running. I have run a marathon, but I lost four toenails in the process, so I primarily stick to 5k and 10k runs these days. I also enjoy cooking and traveling, and I have developed a surprisingly robust interest in system administration through maintaining my own linux server, nicknamed "the cyclon" by my wife, though which I, among other things, do very small scale cryptocurrency mining (specifically, I mine on the Ethereum network) and play around with deep learning code.

My family

Lauren, my wife of four years and the love of my life, was also a climber, and we got to know each other through climbing. We even got engaged at the top of a climb! She now works as a mental health counselor with, primarily, latino populations.

The reason that we were climbers, is due to a recent addition to our little family. Little Eleanor joined us in January of 2017, and she has turned our world upside down in all the best ways. She is, objectively, the cutest baby that has ever lived. Believe me, I've run the numbers every which way, and the conclusion is inescapable. It's a cold, hard scientific fact.

Ellie's interests include chewing on leaves, an unholy amalgamation of a pacifier and a duck (nicknamed Mr. Quack), and eating anything and everything. Her dislikes include tummy time and people not smiling at her. We look forward to the day when we are able to introduce her to climbing.

My wife and daughter

Contact Information

University of Virginia
Darden School of Business
100 Darden Boulevard
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Phone: (434) 243-2859
Email: albertm@darden.virginia.edu
Website: www.michaelalbert.co

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